This film is an abstract documentary which considers the representation of the female voice in film and animation.


The Issues of Representation course at ECA Animation considers representation in animation, how we perceive it and how we are influenced by it. With continuing discussion around gender representation in films and perceived industrial practices of discrimination, we need to remember that animation can present characters in non-figurative and non-realistic ways, so why do certain character styles dominate?


We were tasked with creating a two-minute documentary, challenging stereotypes associated with gender, sexuality, race or disability.


I recorded a wide range of sound, illustrating what the female voice is capable of, within the time constraints of the project. I captured conversations between myself, Eleonore Dambre, Annie Minnaar and Sophie Howell, discussing the role and representation of women in film and wider society. From these recordings, I constructed a soundscape, the structure and primary element of the documentary, and drew the visuals from the sound. I took a mixed media approach to the animation, experimenting with rotoscoping figures in charcoal on white paper, digitally inverted, stop motion blue-tack on a lightbox, and digitally drawn 2D animation.


I intend to further this project by extending the soundscape beyond the two-minute constraint and create a full short film as a personal project.