Saturday, 22nd September 2018


A note of my summer thoughts and quiet panic since starting back.


In the past year, I remember only having two nights of sound, deep sleep. Each and every other night has been a constant toss and turn of vivid dreaming, usually with no obvious significant consequence, where I wake feeling restless. So as I considered possible ideas for my impending fourth-year film, the concept of dreams was always present in my mind.

Initially, I wanted to explore dream evoked emotion, specifically the relationship between the dreamer and the vivid waking emotion brought about by an intense dream. Abstract images of women pregnant with the forms of new ideas floated around my head with no distinct narrative or form. This came out of my own experience of dreaming that I was pregnant, and for days later, I carried an indescribable love and joy for this dream child in my unconscious womb. This aspect was interesting as a potential film concept, but not so essential as the overarching topic of the unconscious - or so I thought.


Saturday, 27th October 2018


After much time spent searching for a solution that felt right, I found a diary that I only write in when I am in a particular mood.  Flicking through it, in the hope of finding a hidden answer, I came across an entry that I had written in response to my dream experience.  I realised all at once that it was, in fact, a poem, though I hadn't intended it to be so when I had written it.  Suddenly I had a framework within which to build my film, and I was overwhelmed with relief.  Interestingly, I have returned to my own dream experience as the source of my film; the very advise that had been so unanimous across the feedback I received from the Professional Pitch.

Stumble - Poem Read Aloud
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Poem recorded at Allison House. Monday, 26th November 2018 


FILM: What Dreams We Have

David Eustace 2018

Click image to open link

FILM: Carnival

Susan Young 1985

FILM: When I Was Done Dying

Dan Deacon 2015

FILM: The Girl Without Hands

Sébastien Laudenbach 2016

FILM: Toute Latitude

Dominique A 2018

Directed: Sébastien Laudenbach

FILM: The Metamorphosis of Mr Samsa

Caroline Leaf 1977

Here is a selection of key films that have inspired my approach to this project in different ways.  David Eustace is a Scottish photographer whose ballet photography I enjoyed during my Visual Communication course in college.  I was delighted to discover his new film What Dreams We Have (2018) as it is based on a poem of the same name by  Paul Laurence Dunbar.  This is a key find for me as an example of an abstract art film rooted in writing.  


I love the line quality achieved by Sébastien Laudenbach, the animator whose work can be seen in The Girl Without Hands (2016) and Toute Latitude (2018).  I particularly like the overlapping layers and the use of stills without the need for a boil.  I have also taken a great liking to Susan Young's film Carnival (1985) as I have found myself using watercolour for many of my sketches and illustrations.  I am considering hand-drawing my film in watercolour and ink and found Young's use of a white base refreshing.  This is unusual for me as I typically work with layers of rich and vibrant colour textures.


The music video When I Was Done Dying (2015) was recommended to me by a friend with whom I shared my poem.  I loved the transformative nature of the animation, as well as the use of the colour blue.  It is also a wonderful expression of how quickly images fly through my head, illustrating why I have been struggling to get my thoughts on paper.