Julie Fowlis Commission: Music Video

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

The Official Music Video for A’ phiuthrag ’sa phiuthar (O sister, beloved sister), the opening track for Julie's album alterum. Created in collaboration with my friend and fellow creator, Eleonore Dambre, and the wonderful Julie Fowlis.

Officially released on the 19th July 2018.

A’ phiuthrag ’sa phiuthar is an interpretation of a traditional Scottish folksong from the isle of Barra. The lyrics and animation tells the story of a woman’s grief at having lost her sister to the fairies. The video concentrates on the context of the sister’s loss, with emphasis placed on the relationship and characterisation of the two sisters.

Early iterations had one of the sisters falling into a literal fairy mound. As we progressed with the project the story became more ambiguous, showing only fleeting visions of the fairies. For continuity, it was decided that I would animate the faerie creatures and Eleonore the sisters. Eleonore drew out storyboards based on meetings with Dima and Julie. I created background scenery based on Eleonore's initial sketches.

Initial Consultation Texture Samples

Eleonore's development work can be viewed here.

Background Outlines and Texture Samples