Updated: Aug 17, 2019

A collaborative project between the animation and jewellery departments at the Edinburgh College of Art.

Team One: Dima Nowarah, Eva Stanistreet, Isabella Avery and Ruth Page.

The brief:  To consider Earth 100 year in the future.  Explore hypothetical concepts to extrapolate how our society might develop, evolve or be effected by scientific/environmental changes by 2117.

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Film - This will be pitched from the perspective of the ocean housing company as an introductory video fr the trial humans.

Poster - This will be an informative poster presenting in more detail how to use the shells for access and the different locations within the building.

Badges - These will take the form of key cards. We will make these more unique and individual by colouring them in correspondence with the specific area of the building.

Time - 2117

The world is becoming progressively more at threat of sea levels submerging entire cities. In order to tackle this issue the oceans are being considered as a solution, rather than a problem.  Governments are promoting a new housing initiative located on the ocean. The film will take the form of an induction video played to the individuals selected to trial this new form of aquatic housing and sustainable living. 


Regardless of our technological and social advances as a species, humans will always be at the mercy of mother nature.  With this in mind, Team 1 decided to research global warming as a starting point with this project, quickly focusing in on rising sea levels.  With rising sea levels comes a loss of valuable coast line.  Populations will be forced to move farther in land, with a rise in overcrowding due to earth's dramatically rising population. The solution created by Team 1 for this project was to design a hospitable ocean structure which would move with the sea level and not be anchored to land.

Designed with the vertical in mind, inspiration was taken from high rise flats - maximising area with a small footprint.  Shells and icebergs were considered predominantly in the design, so that the vast majority of the structure would exist under the sea level but the benefits of up top air, sun and sky space would be available.  In addition to this research, Team 1 looked into case studies on mental health of individuals living at sea. This informed the design of the structure, considering the reality of living submerged under water.

The group collectively used Pinterest in order to pool ideas. This was useful to collate inspiration for futuristic and alternative architecture.  It allowed for a common train of thought as to how the structure could look. 



In order to maintain consistency in the films aesthetic, the decision was made to have each animator responsible for one aspect through out the project.  Playing to strengths, Isabella hand drew outlines of each scene, I coloured and textures the scenes and Eva created a model of the shell in Maya.  The textured scenes were compiled together on Adobe Premiere.