Updated: Aug 17, 2019

A documentary on Scottish Witchcraft created by Dima Nowarah and Eleonore Dambre.

Eleonore and I work together through a mutual interest in witchcraft, nature and folklore. Studying together at the Edinburgh College of Art, this film is our response to the brief "Animated Reality".

The first week of this project was spent elaborating the visuals of the film, which would be supported by interviews serving as the content and context. Initially this was to be a very cinematographic and theatrical piece, we thought to shoot in the vaults beneath South Bridge, but ultimately decided against it as our project began to take a more sociological rather than mythological approach. Much of the first week was dedicated to organising interviews, refining our thoughts and creating a series of questions we wanted to touch upon. We decided that rather than take a more conventional approach to the subject of witchcraft, either citing anecdotes of its practice and prosecution or analysing its Hollywood portrayal, we wanted to understand what witches were, both historically and today.

Animation and Post-Production

The last two weeks of the project were dedicated to post-production. We first edited the 7 hours of interviews into roughly 8 minutes of spoken content. I then set off to work on an accompanying soundtrack, entirely composed of recorded sounds - recycles from my See Hear project. Eleonore concentrated on the animation, experimenting with oil painted on glass to create a couple of short, rough sequences. Eleonore also created a set of models to be animated in After Effects using the Duik extension and drew background outlines. I created textures to layer up and arranged the backgrounds as Adobe Photoshop files, which Eleonore then composited and animated.

Shoot (Holyrood Park, Tuesday November 29th 2016, 7am-11am)

Photos courtesy of Ashley Erdman

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