Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Create a film composed of two animated sequences.  In the first sequence we see a  computer-generated figure in a room. The figure is alone. The sequence will end when the figure goes to the door and knocks on it.  In the second sequence we see a ‘mirror-image’ of the first figure and the room, only this time the figure  is  a stop motion puppet.  After a while there is a knock on the door. The figure goes to the door and opens it.

During this project I worked back and forth between two storyboards.  The initial idea was very emotion driven, stop motion heavy and less demanding when using Maya. I liked this idea, however I was cautious about using it as I worried that the sensitivity of the feelings wouldn't come through very well.  The second idea I found amusing and interesting, but after struggling to work with it on Maya I realised just how imbalanced the StopMotion and Maya footage would be. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to complete the Maya work.  So I returned to the initial idea.

I started working on the stop motion footage and found that it was going very well and was happy with the motion.  However, half way through filming the scenes, the grey board props that I had created collapsed.  I decided to use this work as test shots and recreate everything with sturdier balsa wood props.  Unfortunately I didn't allow myself enough time to redo the stop motion footage properly and feel that the final footage was rushed and not as smooth at the test shots. 

It took quite a while to pick up Maya comfortably.  There are still some slight issues with the Maya footage but for the most part I am pleased with it, especially after learning how to use the camera control features.  After having an informal crit with tutors, I have a clear understanding of what I would like to do to improve the film and tidy up the storyboard to convey the emotions of the characters in a more effective way.